Wednesday, November 19

Agent Orange (NYC) : Ignition : HH151

It's one of the timeliest episodes we've ever done while simultaneously featuring the shortest mix we've ever hosted. Funny, yes? Agent Orange is the artist featured on the first release of new Austin based record label Steady Rhythm Recordings. He's a 20 year veteran and is set to rock Kingdom Nightclub this Friday for the official launch party. RSVP below and enjoy both tracks off the EP in this mix.

Agent Orange Intro
Hot Since 82 - Pound Your Soul (Sidney Charles Remix) [Noir Music]
Steve Kelly - On The Ground [Celestial Recordings]
Constantino Nappi & Micky da Funk - Try Me [Deeperfect Records]
Agent Orange - Inside My Heart [ Steady Rhythm Recordings]
Mr. Lekka - Not My Time [Leap4rog Records]
Jake Childs feat. J.A.M.O.N. - Rack Em Up (John Reyes Remix) [Bush Records]
Agent Orange - Jungalistic [Steady Rhythm Recordings]


Snag your copy of Inside My Heart EP on Steady Rhythm

FREE RSVP for Friday 11/21 at Kingdom with Agent Orange, John Reyes and DJ Data

More info on Steady Rhythm Recordings and Agent Orange (Gotham Grooves)

Wednesday, November 5

Deez Guys (Austin) : Live @ Kingdom : HH150

Deez Guys just wanna jam some house music for you, have a good time and take care of business when it's time to. Something clicked earlier this year when we started opening our 4Jackz shows at 8pm and we're playing better together now than we ever have. The proof's in the pudding. Be sure and catch us at Lanai Nov 20 with Sonny Fodera!

Zo!, Erro, Phonte - We Are On The Move (Joey Negro Revival Mix)
Wattie Green - Brazillian Heat
Natural Rhythm - Hunger (Dimitri Max Remix)
Scrubfish - Improv Blue
J Lettow - Take Pride
Tigerskin - Ad Lib Robot
Thomas Elmore - City 024 (Greg Gow Restructured Remix)
Full Intention feat Robert Owens - Let Me Be
Sinecdotiq - Rev
Querk - Da Da Da
Junia - Show Me Your Love
Tommy Largo - Work Dat (Chemars Remix)
Phil Weeks - By My Side (Hector Moralez Ghetto Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo - A Drink of Jack and Soul
Gene Farris - The Way To Go
Scott Diaz & Michelle Weeks - Praise Him
Sundowners feat Mystic Bill - Jungle Line (Dungeon Meat Downlow Dub)
Soledrifter - Point
Anhanguera - Larry's Dance
Detroit Swindle - Thoughts of She
Giano - Robin Thicke bootleg
J. Fader & Sista Stroke - Twisted Needs
Mr. V - Just Dance (Christian Nielson Remix)
Mr KS - Making Beats
H-Foundation - Future
Sidney Charles & Tapesh - Tik tak dont stop

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Deeper Deez Guys mix (for the first 1.5 hours)

Wednesday, October 29

DJ_Jon_Doe (Dallas) : Bat Country : HH149

Jon Doe like many others is a long standing fixture in the Texas DJ scene who may not be the most visible presence, but has the skills to pay the bills all day long. As an avid collector he's not limited to a genre, it's clear he loves them all and he still buys vinyl on ther regular. This is a live recording from a party called Bat Country in Dallas and it's rocks hard for a 5am timeslot trust me!

Question of the Week:
You list a lot of genres that you play, and that you play all doesn't sound like you're a purist whatsoever. I personally hate the vinyl vs controller vs real dj'ing arguments but I'm curious on your take because you seem to be someone who see's the broad picture.

Nope not really a purist. I can do digital, I just choose not to because it does limit your ability to put on a "show" for the audience. Plus the temptation for many to "cheat" with their mixes by playing something pre programmed has been too great for a lot of "dj's" out there today. It's most definitely harder to fake the funk when you have to put your hands on an actual record. I like to put on a show to give them an entire experience and that is something you can't do with a couple of ipods or a laptop.

1) Phaeleh - The Cold In You (Djrum Remix) on Afterglo
2) Copy Paste Soul - For Real (original) on Gruuv
3)Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Kong on Dirtybird Records
4) Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo - Kneadin' on Dirtybird records
5) Eats Everything - Trubble on Dirtybird records
6) Prztz - WMC (Dub) on Shaker Plates
7) Bon Johnson - We Came To Break Ya on Detour Recordings
8) Jake Childs - setup on Jamayka Recordings
9) Full Phat - Housing Things (Big Hair remix) on Flatpack Traxx
10) Loopity Goofs - Melting (Thomas White remix) on Black Crack Records
11) James Curd Feat. Jdub - Buffalo Girls on Drop Music
12) DJ Bang - Can't Hardly Bang on Blucu
13) Ten City - That's The Way Love Is (Acieed Mix/Extended Version) on Atlantic
14) Clyde Feat Capital A - Serve It Up (Brooks' Hiphouse Mix) on Mantis Recordings
15) Artist Formally Known As Technique Presents Clear - Clear on Nite Grooves
16) Dj Mes - No Love Lost (Main) on Guesthouse Music


Catch Jon live streaming!
Get Budded Internet Radio Show @
Nov. 7th at 7pm-11pm with host Brandon Godwin

Wednesday, October 22

DJ Oz (D.C.) : W Mix : HH148

This year I'm having a F-A-N-C-Y Halloween night! Coinciding with the F1 Races in Austin this year, DJ Oz (with 4Jackz opening) will be coming in from Washington D.C to play next Friday at Blu at the W Hotel. For those who like to get down, he following night Marques Wyatt will be spinning! Tickets and more information available at the link below. To get you warmed up and ready here's a new house mix from Oz.

No tracklist or question of the week this episode!

F1™ Afterparty, BLU AT THE W, Oct 31 and Nov 1 info:

More on DJ Oz:

Most importantly come out Thursday 10.30.2014 to see
The House Hookup LIVE *New Places and Faces* @ Geisha Room!

Wednesday, October 15

Jefe : Plethora : HH147

Jefe is a good friend of mine from high school. We always ran in the same circles but he somehow stayed under the radar from me as a DJ. A while ago he linked me a mix and I was unsure what to expect. I got a good 'ol blend of deep jazzy funky house, and that's exactly what you'll get this week!

Question of the Week:
How did you come into DJ'ing and what are you up to now with music?

I got into DJing back in high school. I always loved music, but wasn't gifted with awesome guitar skills, or being able to wail on a piano. I did realize I have a good ear for music which is one thing that lead me to DJing, that and having friends with turntables (including the one and only DJ Kadabra). Having many friends with turntables gave me the chance to spin many different genres (Trance, House D&B, Break Beat, Club). I Always had a soft spot for house. Growing up in Austin, in the late 90's early 2000's party scene, gave me the opportunity to listen to alot of great local house DJ's like all of 626 soul, DJ Herb, and Boogie Monster just to name a few. Fast Forward 10 or so years, I got an Ableton Controller. Shortly after, I got Traktor and a Numark DJ controller. I've Had some rough times since then, but playing with music always put me in a happy place. I decided to take that passion and turn it in to a career. I'm now attending College with a major in commercial music management. I plan on taking plenty of audio engineering, synth, and midi courses along side business courses. I would love to get a job mastering tracks, then producing, and hopefully in the end owning my own small record label


Demarkus Lewis - Poppin Fresh - LW Recordings
Jake Childs - Contained - Bunchlox Music
Troydon - Learn to Love (Chuck Love Remix) - OM
Johnny Fiasco - House of Chill - Klassik Fiasco
Andy Compton, Monocles, Slezz, Dana Byrd, Tantra Zawadi - Only Love (Main Vocal Mix) - Foliage
Claude 9, Chris Specht - Get You Some - Shaboom
Kerri Chandler - The Sun's Coming Up - Nite Grooves
Hanna Hais - Rosa Nova (Sax in Rio Dub) - Atal Music
Whitenoize - Pimp On - Guesthouse Music
Natural Rhythm - Fazz Junk - Guesthouse Music
Sound Navigators - Down on It (Joey Youngman Remix) - Blockhead
Fabio Bacchini - Restless - Lapsus Music