Wednesday, August 27

Daniel Allen (Austin) : Phases & Phrases : HH140

Daniel took to Facebook not long ago to denounce the notion that dance music today just sucks. There's plenty of good music if you take the time to look he said! That's the spirit of a true DJ and a true head. You keep your ear to the ground, find the gems and then put 'em together for the rest of the world to make your point artistically.

Question of the week:

What is the best gig you ever had and why?

2002, Orbit Room, Houston. John B was headlining. It was Halloween and costumes were in full effect. Also, was daylight savings so at 2 AM, instead of the bar closing, it stayed open for an extra hour. I came on after John B for a "surprise" 80's set. I mixed out of his last jungle track into A-Ha - "Take On Me" (it's at about 170 bpm so it works). John B grabs my shoulder and he's all pointing at his wrists. Well... he has A-Ha sweatbands on his wrists. Proceeded to rock the fully costumed crowd for that extra hour. There is a recording floating around somewhere, need to track that one down!

1. I Want to Go Out (David Mayer Mix) - Terranova - Kompakt
2. Rouge - Cihan Mareno - Sounds R Us
3. Sounding - Mark Deutsche & Musoe - Paso
4. Baby Wants to Ride (Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Edit) - Frankie Knuckles - Boot
5. Who Ver - Shenoda - Man Make
6. Warriors - Joyce Muniz & Kiki - Exploited
7. Gorod Theme (I Give It a Last Try Version by Mario) - Nikitin - Highway
8. Soho 101 - Wouter De Moor - Get Physical
9. Annuki (Mr. Deka Remix) - Toche - Talk Musique
10. Awake- Ryan Pamatman - Asia
11. My Time - Outstrip - Artreform
12. C U Next Thursday - Ferro - Valioso
13. Illegal - Extended Play - Team

Upcoming gigs and releases:

As far as gigs, I have a monthly residency in Houston at Boomhaus (Sundays at Belvedere on the Patio), 3rd Thursdays is VAGABOND at Plush. Also have some forthcoming releases on BluFin (under the name Slutty Cousin, a collab project with J-Dubz) as well as a collab w/ Mikel Douglas and some solo material, also on BluFin.


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Tuesday, August 19

Kadabra : Wheaties : HH139

I haven't really played at home in months. It's kind of shocking to me but hey, it usually ends up sounding good in the club anyway! After all, MOST DJ's would prefer to be doing what I'm doing and be out of the bedroom. I've been wanting to get a good round of midtempo on tape, and while I'm not 100% happy with know me...I don't care I'm putting it out there anyway! Enjoy this live recording from Lanai and check the links below for the rest of the night's recording.

Paul Youx - Monkey Junk - NuPhuture Traxx Records
Chockey - Seek Deep - Flumo Recordings
Thomas - Sexed Up (RiCHARD.GEAR remix) - Whiskey Pickle
Justin Harris - Disco Anonymous - Something Different
Nathan G - Night Time Is The Right Time - Large
Sarp Yilmaz - Acid Swing - Swink Music
Eddie C - EBC
Alinka - You're Basic - Get Up Recordings
Natural Rhythm - Roman (Poncho Warwick Remix) - Natural Rhythm Music
Pawlo Tojeda - Where Is - Something Different
Give In - Saw Palmetto (Beati Paoli Remix) - Rock It Labs
Cubik - How You Have Made This Far - Deep Wave
Atnarko - Violent Sky - Dance-Revolt Recordings

Part 2 of my live mix featured on Hypersonic Radio:

Coy West set from our House Hookup night:

(you should know the house hookup links already)

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Wednesday, August 13

Chris Brock: Classics and Beyond : HH138

I rely on other house DJ's to satisfy my thirst for the sounds I love, but don't own much of myself. When I need a good taste of classics, and vocals, I know I can count on Chris Brock aka the ATX House Head. Still the man with the most appearances on THH and for good reason. I can't get enough of the amazing breakdown in the 3rd track on this mix. India and Masters at work give me the chills!

Question of the week:

On a scale of "Believe in Yourself" to "I Don't Need No Man", Believe In Yourself being the lowest, how diva do you like your house music?

To answer this question…….in terms of Diva, i can(and will) take you there! I have ALWAYS been a fan of the House theme of a Black Woman and a Piano! I love all the iconic House Divas….Kathy Brown, who did Believe in Yourself, with Marlon D. and if you check out some of my other mixes on mixcloud, you will hear that jam played! Then there is Loletta Holloway, Michelle Weeks, and even Lisa Shaw and Colette! This mix does represent some Divas….India with Masters at Work, and Stephanie Cooke, Xavier Gold….among others.

For this particular mix, Diva wasn’t really a consideration though, I was thinking in terms of classic sounds that have resonated in my heart and mind over the years, and i tried to pull out some jams that either, experienced ears haven’t heard in some time, or new jams that the children need to be educated on…The other thing that I wanted to showcase here was just vocal after vocal, which you don’t hear a lot these days….it can sometimes be more like dub after dub which i get into sometimes too, but wanted to look at it from the vocal perspective.

Moodyman - Sunday Morning
Deee-Lite - How Do You Say (Pal Joey)
MAW feat India - To Be In Love (White Vinyl Extended Mix)
Stephanie Cooke - I Thank You (Thank God For Shelter Beatless)
MJB - Beautiful (Basement Boys Mix)
Kenny Bobien - Everybody Dance(Kenny Carpenter Mix)
Lydia Rhodes - Ready For Your Love (Lem Springsteen Cosmix Soul Mix)
Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me feat. Xaviera Gold (Spiritchaser Vocal Mix))
Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut - The Whistle Song (Re-Directed)
Blaze - Breathe (Ashley Beedle's Exhale Vocal Mix)
Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)


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Wednesday, August 6

Ken Liu : Something Deep : HH137

We've had enough jack since our relaunch. It's time to take a step back, reflect and bask in the glow of the soothing deep sounds brought to us this week by Ken Liu. He's one of my long time friends and since we last heard from him he's relocated from San Francisco to Nashville. This mix is packed full of juicy basslines. Sop 'em up with a biscuit!

Question of the week:
What is the oldest Headset track you still consistently play or come back to in your DJ sets and why?

Jesus Pablo - Playing In The Sun (Jay Tripwire Deep Mix)

"Because it's a timeless mood-setter for both myself and the dancefloor. It's my personal starting point for a lot of my sets. I love building from this track. It also sounds amazing on a warm system. Of course, I still play every track from our back catalog but this has definitely been THE ONE for me since it was released"

01. Lello Fusco - Close Your Eyes (Nuno (SEA) Remix) - Something Different
02. Lello Fusco - Deep Thing (Kaua Remix) - Something Different
03. Lego Boy - Dayz Behind - Something Different
04. Nuno (SEA) - Bounded - Something Different
05. Rishi K. - Submercible - Forward Education
06. Valentin Huedo - Deadly Dance (Anek remix) - Chronovision Ibiza
07. Rishi K. - Free Ride - Headset
08. Nuno (SEA) - Schizophrenia - Something Different
09. Hot Lipps Inc. - Rootless Existence - Hot Lipps
10. Thomas Marks - Don’t Hide - Endemic
11. Sinecdotiq - Y’Kno - Something Else
12. Ales Andru - Divinus Tenebras (Scientific Funk Remix) - Something Different Again
13. Motorcitysoul - Bass En Provence - Poker Flat

Current and upcoming label releases for Headset Recordings and Something Else:

HDST1235 Rishi K. - Cosmic Swing EP
Available Now

ELSE016 Matt Prehn - Street Knowledge EP

ELSE017 Sincedotiq - N'Jaz EP
Available August 11th, 2014

HDST1236 J. Khobb - In My Arms EP
Available August 25th, 2014

Radio Show:
Headset Hi-Fi every other Sunday (8-10p CST) on

*4Jackz deep mix to be broadcast on Sunday 8/17/2014*


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Wednesday, July 30

Joe Holmes : 2.0: HH136

Repeat guests never fail to surprise me. After getting this mix in my box I have a feeling Joe's going to become quite the regular and it's always nice to have people you can depend on. He took full advantage of the 2nd round to showcase a different style than when he was on last. One look at the tracklist and you know you're in for a great mix.

Question of the Week:

What is your happiest house music memory?

My happiest house music memory.. hmmm. Very good question. As many of my house music memories are a little fuzzy. Haha. I'm going to go with a party back in 2007 called Southern Junction. It was my wife's (girlfriend at the time) first outdoor, all weekend type of event. We listened to White Lotus Society (the group that turned her on to house) as the sun went down. Then moseyed on over to another system and listened to Jay Tripwire play a 3 hour set as we, and about a hundred other people ,danced around a wicked bonfire deep into the night. Then as the sun was coming up we sat on a plush green hill and listened to Angel Alanis play one of the most layered, intricate, gorgeous and awe inspiring sets it's ever been my pleasure to witness. We fell asleep in each others arms on that plush, green hillside. I think that's when I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Here we are 7 years later, and we've been housing it up together every since. Now we have a little house head in training, and we couldn't be happier.

1. Intro- Richard Pryor - Bicentennial Ni**er
2. Richard Seaborne - I Know You Love Me
3. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge - Breakin Down
4. Jason Hodges feat. William Alexander - Our World
5. Wally Callerio & Poncho Warick - I'm Stylin Too
6. DJ Mes - Boom Chicka Boom
7. Wally Callerio & Poncho Warwick- Talk to Me Longer
8. Corduroy Mavericks - Breaka Dawn
9. Steppin Out - Toka Project mix
10. Kerri Chandler - Think of Something
11. Richard Seaborne - Let's Get High
12. Leroy Brown - Feel Much Better
13. DJ Mes - Don't Want to Fell
14. Mikey V - Memories
15. John Tejada - Time Bomb - DJ T rmx
16. Outro - Richard Pryor - Bicentennial Ni**er


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