Wednesday, September 10

Paul Honescko : Bringin' It Back : HH142

Paul's been popping up at a lot of my local gigs. He's really friendly and ALL ABOUT house music, and he's only 21! 10 years ago that wouldn't be such an outrageous thing but percentage wise his demographic having actual taste in dance music is maybe 10% if we're feeling optimistic. He'll be playing our next THH showcase at Lanai on October 30th, a show I'm dedicating to young guns and up and comers. More mixes from the other DJ's before the gig, but for now enjoy Paul's mix!

Question of the week:

What's your club/rave history and what brought you to Austin?

My club/rave experience started up in Dallas. Growing up in Cali I was exposed to disco, funk, jazz. At 16 I attended first rave club called Afterlife. One of the rooms was playing funky/jackin house and I was hooked instantly. Since then I've avoided the EDM popularity explosion and stuck to the house scene, going to as many shows/parties as possible. I soon saved up for some turntables and played some house parties and a few after hour clubs. I first came out to Austin a few years back and fell in love with the music scene and whole vibe of the city & was finally able to move here a year ago through my job.


Tell You Why- Miles Maeda
Windy Dayz- Kinky Movement
Come Together- Mario Fabriani
Freak Show- Da Sunlounge
Black Culture- DJ Jacq
Berlin- The Littlemen
Step Daddy- DJ Homewrecker
I Wanna Know (Phil Weeks Ghetto Dub)- David Glass
Crashin Down- DJ Sneak
The Ghetto- Bob Sinclar
Filthy Mcnasty- Wattie Green
Droppin Bombs- Joey Youngman
Be Urself- Jason Hodges
Bringin It Back (Motto Mix)- Mark Farina
Room 25- Joss Moog
Tribute To Alice- Malakill


Sunday, September 7

Don't Call It a Throwback

Why House Music is not the equivalent of an 80's Party for dance music.

I've always felt that the biggest void in the EDM sphere has been a lack of inclusion.  For the last 5 years I've watched lineup after lineup, headline after headline completely ignore what's going on in house music today.  Now that "deep house" is the in genre, does that mean we're about to see some well deserved attention shifted over?   I wouldn't count on it.

What I am seeing and hearing is this attitude about house almost as if it's a novelty item.  Like a promoter who runs out of ideas and decides hey let's do a tribute and do an all vinyl party!  On the surface it sounds like fun, but what about all the great music being put out NOW?  Look at Nocturnal Wonderland.  All the badass house DJ's are separated as a tribute to the "longest running festival"?  This is what I'm talking about.

If you think Derrick Carter and Mark Farina aren't playing hot new shit, and just crate digging from ten years ago you're crazy! There's a difference between old-school and veteran.  Veteran means you've been doing this shit forever and you're still going.  Old-School means you're stuck in the past, great at what you do, but your sound is dated and kitschy.  There's nothing wrong with that but please let's not get it confused.  I've come up with a few examples of hot new shit that proves my point:

Get Up Recordings killing it lately - 

I play this one, I'm singing:

Bit darker but it bangs -

Old school group, vocalist - new material, still bangin (check the last remix at 4:00)

 Homey J.A.M.O.N. lyrics with young gun Aaron Jackson (shit is CATCHY!)

Sounded so good on a good system the other night:

Last but not least, my homey from Chi-Town, one of the baddest most original producer/DJ's in house today - K.E.!

So there you go.   A spectrum of current house tracks that are awesome.  .  Don't call it a throwback!  House is still jammin.

Wednesday, September 3

Eric Scholwinski (Dallas) : Fall 2014 : HH141

Eric does what I wish I still had the time to do: make intentional mixes every few months. I'm happy he's once again giving us the first access to his latest Fall 2014 mix! If you want something that's a nice and easy listen but you still want a good tempo, this is it. Eric's brand of deep house features good pulsing basslines and spacey melodies to match. Be sure to follow him on soundcloud, check the link below. He'll have the non HH version up soon.

Question of the Week:
Who are some of your current favorite current producers?

Addex, Vincenzo, Ben Le Desh, Da Funk, Shur-i-Kan, Marvin Zeyss, and definitely The Disclosure Project.

1 Funtom - Time Again (Rory Cochrane Remix)
2 Moe Turk - What You Need (Dub Mix)
3 McNair & Clarke - Bread Ring (Addex Remix)
4 Kiano -Face Off (Original Mix)
5 Christian Prommer - Can It Be Done (Sascha Braemer Remix)
6 Moti Brothers - Get Down (Original Mix)
7 Koala - Days Without Sunlight (Original Mix)
8 Professional Losers - Crazy Sexy Hypnotic (Tim Andresen Rmx)
9 Josh Winiberg - A Hard Night's Day (Original Mix)
10 Loz Goddard - Looking Back (Dual T Remix)
11 Steve Huerta - Smoky (Original Mix)
12 Tim Andresen - A Little Boogie (Original Mix)
13 Tonys Wayback Machine - In The Beginning(Elektromekanik Remix)


Wednesday, August 27

Daniel Allen (Austin) : Phases & Phrases : HH140

Daniel took to Facebook not long ago to denounce the notion that dance music today just sucks. There's plenty of good music if you take the time to look he said! That's the spirit of a true DJ and a true head. You keep your ear to the ground, find the gems and then put 'em together for the rest of the world to make your point artistically.

Question of the week:

What is the best gig you ever had and why?

2002, Orbit Room, Houston. John B was headlining. It was Halloween and costumes were in full effect. Also, was daylight savings so at 2 AM, instead of the bar closing, it stayed open for an extra hour. I came on after John B for a "surprise" 80's set. I mixed out of his last jungle track into A-Ha - "Take On Me" (it's at about 170 bpm so it works). John B grabs my shoulder and he's all pointing at his wrists. Well... he has A-Ha sweatbands on his wrists. Proceeded to rock the fully costumed crowd for that extra hour. There is a recording floating around somewhere, need to track that one down!

1. I Want to Go Out (David Mayer Mix) - Terranova - Kompakt
2. Rouge - Cihan Mareno - Sounds R Us
3. Sounding - Mark Deutsche & Musoe - Paso
4. Baby Wants to Ride (Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Edit) - Frankie Knuckles - Boot
5. Who Ver - Shenoda - Man Make
6. Warriors - Joyce Muniz & Kiki - Exploited
7. Gorod Theme (I Give It a Last Try Version by Mario) - Nikitin - Highway
8. Soho 101 - Wouter De Moor - Get Physical
9. Annuki (Mr. Deka Remix) - Toche - Talk Musique
10. Awake- Ryan Pamatman - Asia
11. My Time - Outstrip - Artreform
12. C U Next Thursday - Ferro - Valioso
13. Illegal - Extended Play - Team

Upcoming gigs and releases:

As far as gigs, I have a monthly residency in Houston at Boomhaus (Sundays at Belvedere on the Patio), 3rd Thursdays is VAGABOND at Plush. Also have some forthcoming releases on BluFin (under the name Slutty Cousin, a collab project with J-Dubz) as well as a collab w/ Mikel Douglas and some solo material, also on BluFin.


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Tuesday, August 19

Kadabra : Wheaties : HH139

I haven't really played at home in months. It's kind of shocking to me but hey, it usually ends up sounding good in the club anyway! After all, MOST DJ's would prefer to be doing what I'm doing and be out of the bedroom. I've been wanting to get a good round of midtempo on tape, and while I'm not 100% happy with know me...I don't care I'm putting it out there anyway! Enjoy this live recording from Lanai and check the links below for the rest of the night's recording.

Paul Youx - Monkey Junk - NuPhuture Traxx Records
Chockey - Seek Deep - Flumo Recordings
Thomas - Sexed Up (RiCHARD.GEAR remix) - Whiskey Pickle
Justin Harris - Disco Anonymous - Something Different
Nathan G - Night Time Is The Right Time - Large
Sarp Yilmaz - Acid Swing - Swink Music
Eddie C - EBC
Alinka - You're Basic - Get Up Recordings
Natural Rhythm - Roman (Poncho Warwick Remix) - Natural Rhythm Music
Pawlo Tojeda - Where Is - Something Different
Give In - Saw Palmetto (Beati Paoli Remix) - Rock It Labs
Cubik - How You Have Made This Far - Deep Wave
Atnarko - Violent Sky - Dance-Revolt Recordings

Part 2 of my live mix featured on Hypersonic Radio:

Coy West set from our House Hookup night:

(you should know the house hookup links already)

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