Tuesday, December 30

Pete Williams : Whatasesh : HH156

I love seeing old school talent jump back in the game. Rasoul, Hardkiss, David Duriez, Justin Harris and of course Natural Rhythm! Pete Williams was the half I knew nothing about so it was a nice suprise to get this jammin mix that's so up my alley. A great way to wrap up the show I must say.

When We Heard Solid Groove (Album Edit) – Oliver$ and Jesse Rose – Play It Down
What’s That!? (Original Repeat Yourself Mix) – James Jackson - Starlight
Jazz Boogie – Natural Rhythm – Natural Rhythm Music
Relative (Hamdi Ryder Remix) – Joss Moog – 294 Records
One Thing – Jesse Rose and Dansson – Play It Down
Reggies Jam (Original Mix) – Inland Knights - Radda Records
Morning Sun (Mikey V Dub) – iAM9 and Busta Johnson – Disco Kicks
Me & I (Dub Mix) – Tiger Stripes – Get Digital
Way Back (Johnny Fiasco Remix) – Sombionx – Klassik Fiasco
Big Dub & A Smile (Demarkus Lewis Rework) – Ricky Indo – Grin Trax
Werk It (Mikey V Remix) – Johnny Fiasco – Klassik Fiasco
Zoana (Ian Pooley Mix) – Ian Pooley & Phil Fuldner
Sambatronic – Natural Rhythm – Natural Rhythm Music
Vomvos (Original Mix) – Cockney Lama – Robsoul Records
Reggies Jam (Aarta’s Dub) – Inland Knights – Radda Records
Track For Mark (Kalven Swell On This Dub) – Natural Rhythm – Natural Rhythm Music
Follow Me ft. Rachel Row (Original Mix) – Kink – Kolour Recordings
Tell You Want (Demarkus Lewis STFU Mix) – Poncho Warwick - Audiophile



Wednesday, December 24

Shelltoe Soul (Austin) : Feel Free : HH155

Without a doubt one of my favorite gigs this year was Very Necessary with Shelltoe Soul. He's back to cap off the year proper! I think what's crucially lacking in most popular music right now is funk and soul. You're getting 2 hours of it this week! Cmon 'Murrica. Get your groove back!


01. Mark Funk, Danny Cruz - Real Love (Original Mix)
02. Trackie Chan - Island Jazz (Color Blind Mix)
03. Mero - Wonder Why (Original Mix)
04. Mike Gillenwater, Sean Biddle, Tzesar - Soul 2 Soul (Original Mix)
05. B.F.A.M. - Gimme, Gimme (DJ Mes, Demarkus Lewis Original Mix)
06. Charles Feelgood, Felipe Avelar - Bebop (Original Mix)
07. Filta Freqz - Got You Now (Original Mix)
08. J Paul Getto - No Doubt About It (Doug Willis Partytime Edit)
09. DJ Mes - No Love Lost (Main Mix)
10. Brock Landers - F.U.N.K. ME (Original Mix)
11. Johnny Fiasco - Masta Boogie (Original Mix)
12. Rob Boskamp - We Got Da Funk (Original Mix)
13. Jay Vegas - Shakin' (Original Mix)
14. Twism, B3RAO, DJ Q - Your Love (Original Mix)
15. Jack Oliver - Phunk A Puss (Original Mix)
16. Felipe Avelar, El Seano - Soul Purpose (Original Mix)
17. Mat.Joe, Thabo Getsome - Live Da Funk (Original Mix)
18. ????
19. Alek Soltirov - The Instructions (Dub Mix)
20. Delgado - Generation (Original Mix)
21. Clive Harte - This Time (Wayne Brett's Gangster Bullshit Remix)
22. Demuir - Dat Pimpin' Thang (Robb Swinga Remix)
23. Gregory Dub - Back to 94 (Original Mix)
24. Inland Knights - Long Time (Original Mix)
25. Ignacio Robles - Kadenza From 82 (Original Mix)
26. DJ Mes - Love Affair (Original Mix)
27. Bush, Crane - I Look At You (Original Mix)



Sunday, December 21

10 Beautiful Deep House Tracks in 2014

Deep house deep house deep house deep house. Malkovich Malkovich.

Here are 10 tracks I would describe as stunning, gorgeous, beautiful amazing that came out this year. This includes two that came out of Texas - Walter Jones and Adam Pickrell!

Tuesday, December 9

Sir Markis (Austin) : There's an Art to This : HH154

Markis is an old friend from my rave DJ days. He's still got that rolling funky techno influenced sound going today. With this new mix he really took the time to find tracks that mix well together. And he also paid mind to not use any effects or turn many knobs to keep the mixes raw and aggressive.


1. Dance Warriors- Gene Farris (Sonny Fodera Remix)
2. Ball So Hard- Mikel Curcio (Lucas Reyes Remix)
3. Like That- Jerome Robbins (Slideback Your House Edit)
4. Speaker Damage- Dj Dan (Vlade Asanin 2014 Remix)
5. Take The Chance- Rene Amesz (Simon Doty Remix)
6. Rollin- Mike Vale (Original Mix)
7. Disco Youth- Simon Doty (Original)
8. Disco Slice- Dj Dan (Original)
9. Candy- SpekrFreks (Original)
10. Plarama- Simon Gain (Furbo Mix)
11. Dance With You- Jerome Robbins (Afriat Remix)
12. I'm a Freak- Dee Marcus (Original)
13. Walking On Sunshine- Unknown (Bootleg)
14. Medusa- Hazzaro (Tekk Mix)
15. Music Is My Life- Louie Corrales (Jerome Robbins Remix)


Wednesday, December 3

Phorgvn : Modern Klassic Kuts : HH153

Phorgvn came up in the early days of American rave culture with his first exposure to parties in California. He moved to Texas in the early 90's and forged friendships that would last a lifetime. I met him a few years ago at a reunion for one of Austin's pivotal clubs of the day: Proteus. Today he lives in Abilene and he still DJ's there. He's also been dipping his toes into the world of production where his wide range of influences collide.

Beat whith in-Cassius Henery & Rhemi
No.5-Max Graef
A night with a Dj-Holly
Don't give a damn-Chad Tyson
Good Old Days-Stuart Ojelay
Lets Do it again-Deep Bros.,Mr Mike (Ricky Morrison M&S club mix)
Funky Spagetti-Simon Adams & Stefano Mango
Strings of life-Orson Welsh
Family Affair-L.O.O.P
Throw your Hands Up-Kolombo