Friday, February 14

THH Mix And Picks of the Week

First of all I'm really enjoying my time off from the weekly grind of producing The House Hookup, for now. If I bring it back, the format may change a bit but the mission will still remain to promote great house music and great house DJ's. To hold you over, here are some tracks I'm digging on Soundclound, along with a smashing mix from Detroit Swindle. :)


Mix of the week:

Thursday, January 2

Dirty [M] : Gratis : HH131

Whenever I need some good nudisco I start creeping on Dirty [M]'s soundcloud. It helps me forget the particularly cold weather we're having in Texas this year because the music is so warm. If you're a child of the 80's, nudisco is like a flashback lunch with a new age twist. Now if we could convince all the women that nudisco parties are the new 80's parties, we'd always get paid (and a higher probability of laid too)!

01. David Bowie - Fame (Mojo Filter Cognito Db) [Soundcloud]
02. Mitzi - All I Heard (Dave Allison Remix) [Soundcloud]
03. Perseus - Shadow of the Beast [FRENCH EXPRESS]
04. Jonas Rathsman - Feel What I Feel (Extended Mix) [FRENCH EXPRESS]
05. Random House Project - Slave (Original 12” Vocal Mix) [Transmitter Recordings]
06. Jamiroquai - Lifeline (Shook Remix) [Soundcloud]
07. Moon Boots - Sugar [FRENCH EXPRESS]
08. Groove Armada - The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Version) [Chopshop]
09. Blonde - Be Mine [Soundcloud]
11. Flashback - Do Anything For You [House of Disco Records]
12. Jonas Rathsman-Tobago (Original Mix) [FRENCH EXPRESS]
13. Sleazy McQueen-Oh Sheila (2 Spare Astronauts Mix) [Whiskey Disco]
14. MANIK (NYC) feat Jeremy Glenn - Parasol (Original Mix) [Nervous Records]
15. Max Linen- Flashback (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix) [Phonetic Recordings]


Wednesday, December 25

Brett Johnson : Fabric 2013 : HH130

Six minutes in and I'm already leaving comments like "DOPE track!" on this mix. Brett Johnson is someone who I've always meant to have on the show and I'm glad I'm able to feature him before we go on break for a while. This mix was made as a promotion for his latest trip to Fabric in London. I really don't see how you can start this and not finish it. Captivating!

01. Frank Wiedemann - Moorthon (Y-3 Version)
02. Dauwd - Silverse
03. Pezzner - All Night Dancing Party (Hanssen Remix)
04. Tom Trago - The Right Wrong
05. Graze - Unknown
06. Unknown
07. Tom Trago - Two Together
08. Stereo People - Gettin' On Down
09. Till von Sein - Ovas ( Catz n Dogz Ohne FX Remix)
10. Mike Shannon -?- Cynosure
11. Brett Johnson - Exit 51 - Get Physical Music
12. Blackjoy - Soubise
13. David Bowie - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy For The DFA)
14. Out in the Sticks – Bangkok (Mark E Rework)
15. Lord of the Isles - 301C Symphony


Full Mix:

Wednesday, December 18

Lauren Larose : Got Game : HH120

Lauren is awesome.

01. Get Closer - My My My
02. Kolombo & Dave Davis - Looking For Something
03. Federico Scavo - Funky Nassau
04. Tom Novy - Your Body
05. Robosonic & Mat Joe - Got Game
06. The Others - Absolutely Flawless
07. Cupcakes - Norman Manley
08. Dachsund - Oak Glen
09. Louis La Roche - Funk Trunk Skunk
10. Space Echo - Soul Power
11. Filthy Rich - I Won't Let You
12. Freeman & Farelly - Womp Track (Phillip Arruda Remix)
13. Jay Lumen & Max Demand - Hipster Chicks
14. Click Click & DJ Glen - Girls Girls Girls
15. Laura Brannigan - Self Control


Monday, December 16

House Hookup Hiatus

I've learned a lot in the last few years since I came back to house music and the DJ world. The best thing I've discovered is I have a voice. Whether it's through a radio show, writing a record review or spinning in a nightclub you're getting my persuasion and passion when it comes to house music. My number one goal when I started this show was to produce a high quality product and I feel I've been able to do that. I don't think I've gotten as far reaching as I'd have liked but just planning out and making a show takes a lot of time. I'm thankful for everyone that's helped me in THH ventures but on the weekly it's a one man operation and I need my time back for a little while.

I'll keep posting recommended mixes and tracks here on the website in keeping with the shows motive to be a house music resource for those who want it.

I do have a THH night Lanai Rooftop Lounge coming at the end of January. Hopefully by the time the next one hits in May I can tell you if I'll pick the show back up again. Only time will tell! Until then. STAY HOUSE