Wednesday, July 30

Joe Holmes : 2.0: HH136

Repeat guests never fail to surprise me. After getting this mix in my box I have a feeling Joe's going to become quite the regular and it's always nice to have people you can depend on. He took full advantage of the 2nd round to showcase a different style than when he was on last. One look at the tracklist and you know you're in for a great mix.

Question of the Week:

What is your happiest house music memory?

My happiest house music memory.. hmmm. Very good question. As many of my house music memories are a little fuzzy. Haha. I'm going to go with a party back in 2007 called Southern Junction. It was my wife's (girlfriend at the time) first outdoor, all weekend type of event. We listened to White Lotus Society (the group that turned her on to house) as the sun went down. Then moseyed on over to another system and listened to Jay Tripwire play a 3 hour set as we, and about a hundred other people ,danced around a wicked bonfire deep into the night. Then as the sun was coming up we sat on a plush green hill and listened to Angel Alanis play one of the most layered, intricate, gorgeous and awe inspiring sets it's ever been my pleasure to witness. We fell asleep in each others arms on that plush, green hillside. I think that's when I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Here we are 7 years later, and we've been housing it up together every since. Now we have a little house head in training, and we couldn't be happier.

1. Intro- Richard Pryor - Bicentennial Ni**er
2. Richard Seaborne - I Know You Love Me
3. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge - Breakin Down
4. Jason Hodges feat. William Alexander - Our World
5. Wally Callerio & Poncho Warick - I'm Stylin Too
6. DJ Mes - Boom Chicka Boom
7. Wally Callerio & Poncho Warwick- Talk to Me Longer
8. Corduroy Mavericks - Breaka Dawn
9. Steppin Out - Toka Project mix
10. Kerri Chandler - Think of Something
11. Richard Seaborne - Let's Get High
12. Leroy Brown - Feel Much Better
13. DJ Mes - Don't Want to Fell
14. Mikey V - Memories
15. John Tejada - Time Bomb - DJ T rmx
16. Outro - Richard Pryor - Bicentennial Ni**er


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Wednesday, July 23

Coy West : Pressure Test : HH135

This is all anyone could ever want from a Coy West mix. It caught me in the midst of a shitty day and put a smile on my face. That's what music is all about my friends. You better beg, steal and borrow to come see us play at Lanai together for our next House Hookup LIVE show. (It's free btw) He's only played a handful of gigs since returning to the DJ world, but he clearly hasn't lost an ounce of skill since he semi-retired years ago.

Question of the Week

As one of the hardest working and most-visible house DJ's in Texas in the late 90's and early 2000's, what were some keys to your success that may not be unique to you personally, but that anyone could use to achieve similar results?

With the privilege of hindsight I can say what works and what doesn't, because I've certainly had successes and made stupid mistakes along the way. My advice to anyone trying to make a name for themselves today is to put 100% into every performance, foster meaningful relationships, be positive, stay open minded, and keep learning. Take time to work on music and do your best to avoid getting dragged down into drama that will affect your creativity or passion. In the long run your legacy will be based on the multiple ways you've touched people (for better or worse) and the quality of your work. - Coy West

Da Mooch - Ecstasy (Original Nineteen Ninety Something Mix)
The Checkup - The Race
Mr. Kavalicious - The Dragon
Dale Howard - Hot Mess
Kaiserdisco - Don’t Forget About Me
Johnny Fiasco - Machine
Coy West - Black Thursday (J Caprice Ghetto Mix)
Clive Harte - This Time (Wayne Brett’s Gangster Bullsit Remix)
Preach - Getting Down
Carlito Fulan - Jump Up & Down (Priginal)
Sundowners & Mystic Bill - Jungle Line
Johnny Fiasco - Rumbler
Paul Johnson - Beat My House
Bear Who? - The Dancer (Kris Wadsworth That Kind of House Remix)
Ketel Juan - Swang Joint
Sundowners & Mystic Bill - Jungle Line (Dungeon Meat Downlow Dub)
Orazio Fantini - Deep Love
Juliet Fox - Break Me
Deep Blast - 1988


Wanna hear another badass mix from Coy West?

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Wednesday, July 16

Dirty [M] : The Magic Box : HH134

This weeks episode may seem silly if you're judging a book by it's cover but don't make that mistake. Homey don't play when it comes to music. The homey Dirty M of course! If you're in need of a disco fix, he's got what you're looking for. I'm glad he wasted no time getting me a new set as soon as we were ready to relaunch The House Hookup. What better way to signal that we're back thank picking right back up where we left off?

What is your favorite thing about DJ'ing?

"Just loving being able to play tracks that not only I like but will make people dance. I love that when I'm dj'ing for that moment it's about the music and not about anything else. From dropping a classic jam that will make someone remember a certain time and place or if I play something new and that track becomes their new must have track.

I love to educate people on music and that is what I enjoy the most about dj'ing."

01.) Late Nite Tuff Guy_Nobody (Original Mix)
02.) Monitor 66_Triscuits (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)
03.) David Shaw & The Beat_No More White Horses (Dombrance Remix)
04.) Moon Runner_House Track One (Pete Herbert Version)
05.) Armand Van Helden feat Common_Full Moon (Original Mix)
06.) Dorsia_Ghana (Original Mix)
07.) Metro Area_Miura (Original Mix)
08.) Paco Wegman_The Return of the Funk (Original Mix)
09.) Cajmere feat Dejae_Satisfy (Tiger Stripes & Pleasurekraft Remix)
10.) Gavin Herlihy_Was I Supposed To! (Matt Tolfrey's Ec1 Mix)
11.) Scuba_Cyanide (Original Mix)
12.) Green Velvet_Flash (Timo Maas Remix)


Wednesday, July 9

4Jackz : Damage : HH133

4Jackz are myself, J.A.M.O.N., Blend*E and Mark Denim. We are DJ's first, everything else is secondary...much like this podcast. I've never had so much fun playing together with other people. When it's good, everyone elevates their game and it doesn't matter how many people are in the club because we are still vibing. We play every 3rd Thursday at Lanai Rooftop lounge, usually with another gig somewhere else in Austin per month. Happy to release this recording from the last portion of our most recent night at Lanai. Check out our Youtube channel for videos that go along with the episode!

What do you love about DJ'ing?

Mark Denim:
"Djing is like my therapy. I love when people enjoy the music that I have spent countless hours digging for. "

"I would have to say the personal escape of everyday life, and the connection I get to share with peers, total strangers and with myself. It challenges me and grounds me all at the same time. I feel lucky to be living out one of my dreams and hopefully make someone else's life easier, if only for a moment."

"My favorite thing about the Djing is the connection that is made between myself and the dancer(s) the feeling I get when eye contact has been made cannot be described. Once the connection has been made my night is complete. That feeling is priceless."

"Mixing for me is like walking a tightrope. I almost never know what I'm going to do in any given session but when I put one record on top of another and it just works...that's a really great feeling. I'll often keep listening back to my own sets to relive those moments".

Unavailable, but....if you leave a comment on the Soundcloud timebar we'll get back to you!


Upcoming 4Jackz Gigs:
4Jackz (3rd Thursdays) at Lanai
Council Music Festival

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Wednesday, July 2

Kadabra : Afterburn : HH132

We're back! The entirety of my absence has been spent gigging like a mofo. Most of it recorded and most of that will probably never see the light of day. Selective sharing is good! And here's a nice selection from a 4 hour set at Lanai Rooftop Lounge.


Ed Nine - The First - H.A.R.D.
Le Babar - The Pump (Milty Evans Remix) - Coyote Cuts
The House Inspectors - Soul Vibe feat Louis Hale (Kinky Movement Remix) - Inspected Music
South of Roosevelt - What's Your Story - 5 Magazine free DL
Green Velvet, Jamie Principle - LaLaLaLaLa (Nside My Mind) - Cajual
Steve Mill - Side to Side - Large
Dominic Martin - Striving For Truth - Lost My Dog
Ken ECB - I Heart Bougie (Toka Project Coast to Coast Remix) - Amenti
Colette - Hotwire (Sonny Fodera Deep Dub) - Candy Talk
Disclosure - January - PMR
London Grammar - Hey Now (Sasha Remix) - Metal & Dust Recordings
Joshua Heath and Giom - Connection Lost - Lost My Dog
Cajmere feat Russoul - Let's Dance - Cajual


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